CREIC is endeavored to acquiring high quality global oil and gas assets starting from the year 2017. Relying on national policy advantages, targeting the hydrocarbon enrichment regions along the "Belt and Road", we concentrated on four strategic selection areas namely Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and America. 

We develop our E&P business following the below working principles:

Strategically focus on the regions along “Belt and Road” to hunt for the rich oil and gas resources with strong prospective potential in Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and America;

Optimize the selection of E&P assets from large-scale oil and gas burying areas, big basins, and hydrocarbon enrichment zones around the world.

Target the conventional hydrocarbon resources to acquire oil  assets at the short term and gas assets in the long run to build a high-quality and diversified portfolio.

Prefer to develop the field at the stage of near-to-production, or to dig the potential of brown fields by application of secondary development or EOR methods, carefully expand exploration activity aiming at high potential blocks.

Be cautious about the investment in offshore, deep zones and unconventional hydrocarbon resources.

The world energy development trends predicts  the petroleum industry will maintain a good prospect in the next 20 years. It is the right time for CREIC to enter into upstream business. The overseas oil and gas fields E&P is quite challenging, featured by large-scale pre-stage capital investment with long term ROI and technology-intensive. The key for a successful beginning is to optimize the selection of assets, develop the appropriate working strategy and keep right direction to continuously move forward.

China Rising Energy International Company Limited

China Rising Energy International Company Limited (CREIC) was established in December 19,2017, registered in Shanghai FTZ, and headquartered in Beijing. Our business covers new energy development, petroleum products trading and oil and gas exploitation. We are also engaged in the technological development and transferring, provision of consulting and services in the petroleum industry.

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